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The Canadian Baptist College is recognized by the Province of Alberta, and the Diploma of Christian Ministry (DCMin) is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). This diploma is a Designated Learning Program and eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit under the DLI number 019256741082.

Diploma of Christian Ministry (DCMin)

The Diploma of Christian Ministry is a 60 credit hour undergraduate program designed to equip church leaders and other Christian ministers with the necessary tools to serve Christ effectively.




Graduates with the Diploma of Christian Ministry will be trained to:


1. Serve the Lord from a solid foundation of Bible knowledge.

2. Understand the doctrines of the Christian faith from an evangelical perspective.

3. Serve in the local church in such ways as teaching, leading worship, and shepherding.

4. Share the gospel in one’s home culture.

5. Put into practice the principles of spiritual growth.

6. Exercise ministry skills learned through a field practicum.

7. Understand a number of general subject areas from a Christian perspective.




1. Applicants should be age 22 or older

2. The prerequisite for this diploma is a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

3. A total of 60 credit hours is required for the completion of the diploma.


The following outlines the required courses that students must take in order to complete the Diploma of Christian Ministry:


Diploma of Christian Ministry (DCMin)
Biblical and Theological Studies
1B1311 Old Testament Survey 3
1B2311 New Testament Survey 3
1B3321 Bible Backgrounds or
1B3331 Bible Interpretation 3
1H1312 Christian Heritage 3
1T1311 Christian Theology 3
Total 15
Applied Ministry
1P3331 Spiritual Development 3
1P2311 Pastoral Ministries 3
1M1311 Worship Leadership 3
1E2322 Teaching Christ-followers 3
1E1342 Living & Sharing the Gospel 3
1P2241 Capstone Ministry I 2
Total 17
General Studies
1L3311 English Composition 101 3
1L3312 Writing & Research 
1L4311 Classics of Christian Literature 3
1C1311 Intro to Psychology & Counselling 3
1C1321 Basics of Family Dynamics 3
1H3311 Western Civilization 101
1H3312 Western Civilization 102 3
1V1311 Public Speaking
1V4301 Health & Wellness 3
Total 18
Free Electives
Credit Hours 10
Total credits hours for Diploma of Christian Ministry (DCMin) 60

Recognized by the Province of Alberta. Accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).


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